stacked lighting pendant

stacked lighting pendant

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This piece is handmade by recycling a champagne or liquor bottle and cutting them to highlight their forms.

Pieces vary in color and form as a result of being handmade from bottles.

Available in most bottle colors. The largest piece can only be clear or dark green, the middle can be clear, green, olive, or blue. The center can be color of choice. For the square shaped version can only be 2 stacked and most are clear or light blue. We will contact you for color options that match your decor.

Approximately 10” in diameter

Each piece is made to order, and though we can often make it sooner, lead time can be up to 4 weeks.

Includes hardware and an LED bulb. We will follow up for more information about hardware and ceiling canopy options.

Mirroring appears reflective when the light is off and gold when the light is on.

Sold Individually

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